NorCal SCI launches new web site for Sonoma County SCI Support Group

When we first launched NorCal SCI back in May, we made a commitment to share with you the various initiatives that we'd be launching as part of our mission and today, we're pleased to announce that we have developed and launched a web site for our friends at the Sonoma County SCI Support Group.


Our primary goal is to help bridge together the various SCI communities in Northern California.  Stan Kosloski and Anthony Tusler of the Sonoma County SCI Support Group have been working with NorCal SCI co-founder, Nick Struthers, for the past couple of months in developing this site which resides within the NorCal SCI web site.  We will be providing ongoing technical support to the group as long as they wish for us to do that.

We recognize the many challenges that SCI community leaders such as Stan and Anthony face in trying to run support groups with no funding whatsoever.  The additional bandwidth challenges often present obstacles to help further grow their organization and that's where we can help.  Utilizing our technical resources, we're able to provide assistance to any SCI support group throughout Northern California by setting up their own web sites. 

As we seek to help launch new support groups throughout Northern California and help support existing ones, there will be more opportunities for NorCal SCI to help bring the SCI communities together through the use of technology.  If you wish to take advantage of this service, please reach out to us at