Access Earth making the world more accessible

We recently came across this organization that's doing some wonderful work to make information available to the disabled community about access at all sorts of places in the world.  

Access Earth is the TripAdvisor or Yelp for people with disabilities. A crowdsourcing platform, it allows members to share and find the specific information they need about restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions without worrying about accessibility.

Everyone's definition of accessibility is different, someone in a wheelchair has distinctly different needs than someone using a walker or crutches and more information has to be available than just a “Yes or no” to whether a place is wheelchair accessible.  

It was this lack of detailed information, along with his experience in computer science, that drove Matt McCann, who has cerebral palsy and uses a rollator, to form Access Earth.  As an example, Matt booked a hotel a few years back for a holiday. The hotel advertised themselves as wheelchair accessible but upon arriving at the hotel, there were three steps up to the hotel entrance and he couldn’t fit his rollator inside the hotel room.

With over 5,000 users, the site has already rated over 80,000 places worldwide and it just keeps growing.  Obviously, the site is as complete and successful as the volunteering of the information by its users.  Mobile apps developed for phones operating on Android or Apple phones makes submissions or searches pretty easy and convenient.  

So, do your part and become a contributor and user.  Go to your mobile phone's app store and download their app today.