Sonoma County Regional Parks offering amazing number of accessible outdoors activities

As the Sonoma County Regional Parks celebrate their 50th year, we were quite impressed by the wide array of activities they offer that are wheelchair accessible.


Regional Parks now includes more than 11,000 acres and hosts over five million annual visitors at its 56 parks, trails and beaches.  Their web site also nicely indicates if the activity or location is accessible by wheelchair.  Under the Activities section of their web site, they've listed various options to choose from.  For example, if you select "hiking", it would list all the available trails by degree of difficulty.  Click on any of the trails listed and you'll be able to see if it's accessible.  

Our only advice (we now have notified them) involves their Calendar of Activities which we would recommend have the standard accessibility logo included with each activity's date that is accessible.  That would keep you from clicking non-stop from one link to another just to see if the venue is accessible. 

Otherwise, thumbs up and happy 50th anniversary to the Sonoma County Regional Parks.  Check them out.