NorCal SCI debuts report of Northern California SCI Acute Rehab Centers

Arguably the biggest challenge a person with a new spinal cord injury will face is the decision on where to go for the rehab part of their recovery. As is often the case, the affected person is not physically or mentally in a position to make this very important decision and thus, this critical step is often entrusted to a loved one or guardian of the injured person. But other factors also contribute to this critical decision, factors such as the type of health insurance, the convenience of being near support network of family and friends, ability to afford out-of-pocket expenses involved in going to a certain institution, and lack of time just to name a few.

For the past couple of years, NorCal SCI co-founder, Nick Struthers, has traveled to all nine SCI-specific rehab centers and four general rehab centers in Northern California, affording him the opportunity to learn more about each facility. He has also presented to the majority of these centers, the full range of services and programs NorCal SCI offers the individuals as well as the rehab centers. The culmination of all this work is the debut of our SCI Acute Rehabilitation Centers in Northern California directory.

We have given each center the opportunity to verify our information and provide us with a statement which describes, in their own words, the facilities programs. To date, only two centers have not yet responded. We have our own brief overview of the rehab center and we worked with the centers to ensure the information is accurate and current. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more of the general rehab centers throughout Northern California as well as continuing to reach out to the SCI centers who have yet to respond to us. In the meantime, we believe this will be a useful and precise directory for the next person with SCI or a loved one to use.