No Limits Collaborative announces new season of mixed abilities triathlons

NorCal SCI's friends at No Limits Collaborative just announced their 2018 Mixed Abilities Triathlon season featuring four events this summer in Auburn, Pleasanton, Oakland and Berkeley and this year, NLC has been designated the official beneficiary by the organizers of the triathlons, USA Productions.


This is the fourth year NLC is participating in these events and athletes with a spinal cord injury or other neurological condition can participate in swim, cycle or run/push segments of the triathlon.   You can create your own team or email NLC to put you on a team based on what section of the triathlon you would like to compete in.  

NLC is also partnering with the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP) adaptive cycling center to teach and train individuals to ride an adaptive hand or foot bike. They can help you get fitted and get riding as soon as possible and will even take care of transporting these bikes to and from the race.

Additionally, they will host swim clinics and wheelchair push clinics to provide coaching and guidance to perfect your technique and possibly inspire you to try a new leg of the next race.  

To learn more about the four events and how to sign up, CLICK HERE.