"Road to Recovery": NorCal SCI launches major program for the SCI community

re·cov·er·y:  the act or process of getting better.
-- Cambridge English Dictionary

To someone with a spinal cord injury/disorder, recovery can mean a lot of things.  The most obvious one that many think/hope for is returning to how they were prior to their injury/disorder, yet we know that for the vast majority, that is not a likely outcome.  Thus, recovery can and should be defined by each person and the amount of it could vary from one person to another.

As NorCal SCI co-founders and peer supporters, we've come across a couple of thousand individuals with spinal cord injuries/disorders over the years.  The outcomes are obviously dependent on the severity of the diagnosis but also the personal hunger, desire and motivation of the injured person.  However, we also know the outcome can be significantly affected by factors such as personal/family wealth, type of insurance coverage, network of family/friend support, education, and access to qualified rehab programs just to mention a few.

We are now pleased to announce the launch of our "Road to Recovery" (R2R) Program, the largest and most capital-intensive program we'll be offering this year.  From what we know, nothing like this has ever been attempted to cover all of Northern California.  The goal of R2R is to provide qualifying recipients with block grants of up to $2,000 to be used for continued therapy and/or equipment or home modification as well as dedicated mentoring supporting individuals with SCI/D.  It is one of the 2018 Goals and Objectives we unveiled in January and we are eager to make it available to qualifying individuals.  

Available funding falls into three categories: Therapeutic Exercise/Therapy, Home Modifications and Specialized Equipment.  For someone, recovery could mean return or regaining of function or strength to enable them do things more independently.  For others, making sufficient modifications to their home so they can live in it comfortably is their version of recovery.  And finally, there are those who need a special cushion or wheelchair so they can get around comfortably.    

We're offering this program to those individuals when insurance or financial resources are not available and they are in need of financial assistance.  But this is not just about giving away money.  We'd also be working closely with each candidate to ensure their goals are met because if we can prove this concept positively affects people's lives, it would enable us to secure additional financial resources to make it available to an even larger group of candidates.

As co-founders, we've committed to funding at least 10 individuals in 2018 and hope to further expand the program dependent on the success of our fundraising efforts.  We're confident of our abilities to fund this program and others slated to be unveiled in 2018.   

To read more about the program and apply, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your support and if you or someone you know wish to contribute financially to our cause, please CLICK HERE.

Nick & Franklin
NorCal SCI Co-founders