Complementary & Integrative Healthcare (CIH) for People with SCI

We couldn't help but notice this great webcast featuring Jennifer Coker, a research associate at Craig Hospital in Colorado with a PhD in Clinical Science/Health Information Technology who presented some phenomenal findings surrounding Complementary and Integrative Healthcare (CIH).

Jennifer Coker

Jennifer Coker

CIH is a healthcare approach that includes complementary medicine (used together with conventional medicine), alternative medicine (used in place of conventional medicine) and integrative health (using complementary and alternative therapies in conjunction with conventional therapies).  CIH approaches are usually separated into two groups: PRODUCTS, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, and cannabis; and PRACTICES, which include yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage.  CIH can be helpful in treating secondary conditions that are common in people with SCI, including pain, bowel and bladder health, and depression.  

Some of the takeaways from this webinar that affect anyone with SCI include:

  • Learn about the many types of CIH options that are potentially helpful for people with SCI.
  • Learn about previous and current clinical trials involving CIH and people with SCI.
  • Learn how to critically evaluate the potential usefulness of CIH for their own situations, and how to approach their medical providers if interested in trying CIH.

    Here's THE LINK to the 68-minute webcast.