Tips and ideas to kick off an accessible summer travel season

With Memorial Day marking the official start of the summer vacation season, we've collected a number of articles that can help you not only plan your destination but also make it an enjoyable one by eliminating the accessibility surprises that typically await you.  The sites we have picked out for you offer local, national and international travel opportunities.  Enjoy!

Organizations and destinations offering accessible recreational activities throughout Northern California.
Visiting San Francisco – ideas on how to use the CITYPASS card to get substantial discounts on some of The City’s best accessible attractions.
Dealing with the TSA:  what to expect when traveling with a mobility aid (2-minute video)
Top 5 accessible summer vacation destinations as described in an article in WHILL:LIFE
Top 10 most wheelchair accessible U.S. cities as described by traveler Sylvia Longmire who has Multiple Sclerosis and is a wheelchair user.
Traveling to San Diego – one of the top vacation destinations, the city is making an extra effort to welcome visitors with disabilities.
This site offers a free accessible travel phrasebook containing some disability-specific words and phrases translated into as many different languages as possible.  They also provide many other free guides on accessible travel to various destinations.
A New York Times article on six simple tips for smooth travel with a disability
If Thailand is on your wish list, here’s an article by Whitney Bailey on how to navigate traveling to this exotic country.
A web site containing listings of accessible accommodations throughout the world
They have made a greater effort to include listings that are accessible.
If Israel is your destination, this is a good place to start.
Boarding a plane with a power wheelchair?  Here’s a 4-minute video of what to expect.
If you want to be aggressive and score some cheap air fare with accessible seating, take a read.
A great article with various modules addressing typical access issues and challenges to pay attention to.
10 wheelchair accessible destinations you want to visit in 2018
5 accessible U.S. destinations to visit
How to save money booking wheelchair accessible tours
ADA rules for wheelchair accessible hotel shuttles
Accessible travels tips on Amtrak trains
13 wheelchair accessible destinations
How to vacation as a quadriplegic
A guide for booking wheelchair accessible hotels
10 tips on how to take a long-haul flight if you have SCI
A site run by a triple amputee and wheelchair user
A site run by a power wheelchair user who mimics a quadriplegic due to his Spinal Muscular Atrophy
A site run by paraplegic Ashley Lyn Olson