NorCal SCI issues four more grants, $12,000 awarded thus far, more to come

It was just two weeks ago that we announced the awarding of our first two Road To Recovery grants and we are thrilled to announce the awarding of four additional grants, raising the total awarded thus far to $12,000 with more to come.

As per our previously-stated privacy policy, we will not reveal the names of the recipients at this time.  We can tell you that all four were males, two paraplegics and two quadriplegics, and in a case of rarity, one of them was a 9-year-old child who was involved in a horrific car accident.  As we spoke to each grant recipient and/or their parents, it was a surreal feeling to give them the news, surreal because thanks to our generous donors, we'd be able to hopefully make a small difference in the grant recipients lives.

The common theme we've been telling everyone is that this is not simply about giving money.  That's the easy part.  We want to make sure that each and every one of them feels supported by our organization for as long as they would want us to do so.  Our goal is to make each person as successful, independent and happy with their lives as possible and to that end, we will be their mentors for as long as they'll have us, in good times, bad times, or any time they may need someone to talk with.   

It was barely three months ago when we launched this program while simultaneously embarking on an aggressive fundraising push to make the program a reality.  We couldn't be happier with the results of both initiatives but don't get us wrong.  While we're tremendously grateful to those who contributed financially to our case, we're not exactly flushed with cash but certainly enough to fund this program during this calendar year.

Our goal for 2018 is to award a minimum of $20,000 in grants and depending on the results of our fundraising efforts, hopefully even more.  We are continuing to review a number of other applicants.  

Learn more about the Road To Recovery program and if you or someone you know meets the basic requirements of the program, apply now.  We're not raising money so we can just sit on it.  We want to help make a small difference in as many people's lives as possible and help develop a more vibrant and independent community of individuals with SCI in Northern California.