Neilsen Foundation's moonshot to restore bowel/bladder function following SCI gains momentum

Restoring bowel and bladder function following a spinal cord injury is a top priority for individuals with SCI.  It is not unusual that many individuals rate those two functions above anything else, including walking.  In March 2017, the Neilsen Foundation set a goal – to identify the most promising approaches within a 10-year timeline.  Following a two-day workshop with researchers, physicians and individuals living with SCI, a series of strategies were developed complete with a report. 


This report reviews recommendations from this effort to identify and prioritize near-term treatment, investigational and translational approaches to addressing the pressing needs of people with SCI.  Learn what this collective group of experts recommended as the next steps to take to improve bladder and bowel care, and find a place in the process where you think you can help make this vision a reality.  Whether you are a researcher, clinician, person struggling with bowel and bladder issues or their caregiver, inside or outside the SCI community, the hope is that this paper will generate dialogue, ideas, and strategies to help the foundation advance.

You can view this report HERE.