NorCal SCI welcomes two new Pilates partners to Road To Recovery program

We're happy to report that two Pilates-based centers, Evolved Body Studio in the Sacramento area and The Absolute Center in the East Bay have agreed to become part of the partners participating in NorCal SCI's Road To Recovery program.


Pilates exercises tend to focus on stabilizing and strengthening your core.  Absolute Center's Absolute Endeavor program challenges the entire body as an integrated system, first calling on the brain to initiate re-wiring of the neuromuscular system. Evolved Body Studio specializes in teaching natural practical movement and resolving the long standing tensions that create painful episodes within the body.  Both centers have experience working with individuals with a spinal cord injury which made it even more appealing for us to collaborate with them.

NorCal SCI has awarded over $12,000 during the past three months as part of its Road To Recovery program and continues to accept applications from individuals with SCI who wish to continue with therapy or acquire needed medical equipment or minor home modification but don't have the financial means.