Elusive search for cure of Spinal Cord Injury continues

"I think we've cured every paralyzed rat in the world.  How about curing us now?"
-- Unknown person with spinal cord injury

It seems like a week doesn't go by without some new report of a potential cure for spinal cord injury, raising hopes even if that potential cure is in the early stages of research.  Add to it all the hype generated by clinics in the U.S. and overseas advertising cures through the use of stem cells and it leaves one frustrated and confused and for some, it could get quite depressing quite fast. 

Researchers are recognizing the complexity of the spinal cord and for them, it is equally challenging to not give up their work due to setbacks.  Yet, it is comforting to know a lot of effort is undertaken across the globe and we thought it could provide for some good reading to include the following articles that illustrate the different approaches being taken to one day conquer paralysis.

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