High school students seeking to partner with the disability community to solve challenges

There has been a growing movement to pair students, at high school or college level, with the disability community in order to collaborate on solving some of the basic challenges and obstacles the disabled face.  NorCal SCI's Franklin Elieh recently participated in such an event, Design The Future, back in June and now we've learned of a similar event that once again taps into the high school community.


Project Invent is an initiative that sets up 10 teams of high school students to develop technologies to help individuals with disabilities.  One neat thing about this program is that they traditionally work with underserved schools.  They pair teams of students with individuals who face unique everyday challenges and pose those as opportunities to design new technologies. Students have designed everything from fall detectors for senior citizens to smart wallets to help the blind detect bill denominations. You can see examples of student work HERE

The schools participating are in East Palo Alto, San Mateo, Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco.  If you're interested in sharing your stories, inspiring youth, and creating powerful learning experiences for high school students, they would love for you to become a community partner.  You can also see more about what being a community partner means HERE.  

Contact them at hello@projectinvent.org if you're interested in getting involved.