SCI CURE: Illinois-based researcher reports early success with body-directed approach

For the most part, scientists and researchers working on developing cures for spinal cord injury have relied on invasive/surgical or device-based approaches in their work.  Now comes word of a dramatic approach in getting the body, specifically the brain, to re-connect with an injured person's body and resume functions that were thought to be dead.

This short video shows one of the participants actively moving his legs under water.

Yes, it doesn't sound quite real and mind you, this firm, Neuroplastic Functional Institute, has only enrolled four individuals so far in their work but what's remarkable is the fact that it only took them four weeks to produce promising results.  It involved using a combination of specific techniques to remap the brain by combining neuroplasticity, kinesiology and what they call life education: mindfully shifting from an adrenaline-fueled, fight-or-flight space to a relaxed, open place amenable to learning.

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