Road To Recovery: NorCal SCI funds two more individuals with $2,000 grants; Board votes to increase funding by another $10,000

Two more persons with a spinal cord injury were approved for our Road To Recovery block grants of $2,000 each this past week while at the same time, our Board of Directors voted to increase the funding for the program by another $10,000 to a total of $30,000 in 2018.  This brings the total of the program's recipients to eight with several more applications currently being reviewed.

When we launched the program in April, we set aside a budget of $20,000 to fund it for the year.  However, we will exhaust that amount within the next few weeks and thanks to our generous donors, we have the funding to expand the program further.  We know the need for this kind of funding is great as SCI-related expenses are astronomical and unsustainable for the vast majority of the SCI population.  It's always been our belief that we would never have any trouble investing in this program as the need is greater than the funding.  Nevertheless, this is our first year and we are committed to significantly expand the program in the coming years.

Additionally, we have decided to reveal our grant recipients in order to share their stories and challenges and hopefully, it will inspire others with no financial means to seek assistance to become more independent.  In the coming weeks, we will begin profiling and introducing them to the SCI community.  We're proud of them and the hard work they're putting in to the programs they're participating in with their grants.