NorCal SCI issues $4,000 in Road To Recovery grants

This is truly one of the highs of the year as we announce selection of the first two grant recipients as part of our Road To Recovery program we launched just about two months ago.  The two grants were for a combined $4,000 and represent part of our commitment to help individuals with a spinal cord injury with limited financial resources or insurance coverage.

While we have chosen to allow for privacy of our grant recipients by not revealing their names, we can share that they're both young paraplegic women with recent cases of injury.  In both, we found a high degree of motivation, energy and determination to take on their injury and help develop a better outcome for themselves.  Unfortunately, the limited coverage of their insurance plans as well as their personal financial resources were about to put an end to their efforts and while the Road To Recovery grants are limited, they offer an opportunity to prolong those efforts.

But, as we promised when we launched this program, it is about more than just the dollars being awarded.  Our goal is to continue our relationship with each individual through mentoring and assistance that we can provide them as they go through their journey and for us to support them every step of the way on their path to becoming as independent as possible.

Our goal for 2018 is to award a minimum of $20,000 in grants and depending on the results of our fundraising efforts even more.  We're currently reviewing a number of other applicants and have had to turn down a small number of applicants which was not easy for us to do.  

Learn more about the Road To Recovery program and if you or someone you know meets the basic requirements of the program, apply now.  We're not raising money so we can just sit on it.  We want to help make a small difference in as many people's lives as possible and help develop a more vibrant and independent community of individuals with SCI in Northern California.